Original Patent granted for aluminum-clad composite laminate used in fabricating multilayer printed circuit boards.
Laminating Company of America (LCOA) was founded
Manufacturer of composite materials used in drilling of PCB´s
Patented Slickback® - a lubricated PCB drill backer
Newco acquired Tristar and moved into a 65,000 ft² manufacturing facility (Lake Forest, CA)
Acquired LCOA and moved to Lake Forest, CA
Continued doing business as ”LCOA”
Largest Global Share of laminated drilling products
35% of product exported to Asia and Europe
Patented Bullseye™ A Superior Drill Registration Sheet
Formed LCOA Composites, Inc. to build advanced composite systems for structural and ballistic applications
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Hand-to-Hand DeadStop® Shields Police Shields On-the-Move FeatherPlate™ Vehicle Armor BattleCover™ Armored Shelter Panels Safe Inside CastleSecure™ Home Safe Rooms DefeatSheet™ Ballistic & Blast Protection Panels Impact MasonSkin™ Whack-proof Wall Covering Structures FlyWall™ Lightweight Structural Panels
Lamination Coating Distribution Fabrication
Texas Tactical Officers Association.

Houston, TX: 4.19.12 - 4.21.12

The TTPOA is proud to announce the 2012 TTPOA Conference will be held at the Hilton Houston North in Houston, Texas. The 2012 Conference will once again feature feature many new tracks of instruction, including:
  • Field Operations
  • Weapon Skills and Enhancement
  • Leadership and Command Staff Operations
  • Advanced Tactical Combat Operations
  • Terrorism
  • Marksman and Sniper Operations

International Association of Undercover Officers.

Las Vegas, NV: 4.22.12 - 4.25.12

The International Association of Undercover Officers was established for the purpose of promoting safety and professionalism among undercover officers. The non-profit Association continues to foster mutual cooperation, discussion and interests among it members. It provides a vast international network of intelligence gathering means for today's undercover officer and sponsors high quality training programs for undercover officers.
NTAO - National Tactical Officers Association.

Seattle, WA: 9.08.12 - 9.11.12

NTOA is a non-profit association dedicated to keeping you informed, well trained and ready to handle the challenges you face as a law enforcement professional.

We invite you to join thousands of others from around the world and become a member of our distinctive association.

Please explore our Web site to see the many benefits NTOA has to offer.

US SWAT Championship.

Tulsa, OK: 10.15.12 - 10.19.12

The competition will be six (6) live fire stages designed to test the combat marksmanship, physical fitness, teamwork and decision making of sniper teams. Skills with long gun, carbine and pistol will be challenged.

Urban Shield.

Oakland, CA: 10.26.12 - 10.29.12

Over the past five years, Urban Shield has continued to grow into a comprehensive full-scale regional preparedness exercise. We once again assessed the overall Bay Area UASI Regionā€˜s response capabilities related to multi-discipline planning, policies, procedures, organization, equipment and training.

SWAT Round-up International.

Orlando, FL: 12.02.12 - 12.07.12

SWAT Round-Up International 2012 combines education & training seminar head-to-head competition, and trade show into one major event. SWAT Round-Up International began as a means to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas among agencies.